How To Get Google Adsense Approval: Ultimate Guide (2022)

I first applied for AdSense 4 years ago. And since then, I have helped many people get approved to show Google ads to earn money. In this ultimate guide on Cabness, you will learn how to quickly get approved by Google AdSense.

Google AdSense is the most popular advertising network for bloggers and website owners. If you are looking to monetize your website or blog, AdSense is probably the easiest way.

But then why don’t so many people get approved for AdSense? Let’s find out first, and then move on to getting your site approved for AdSense. Sounds great?

Is it difficult to be accepted in Google AdSense?

I believe that it is not difficult to get approved by Google Adsense if you follow Google’s policies and the basics of how a business website works.

But it is shocking to see that many people are rejected by Google AdSense. I’ve gotten tons of complaints about it via email, YouTube videos.

The main reason is that they ignore the requirements of Google and the quality of their sites. It would be helpful if you would also have a little patience before applying for the AdSense program.

Now that you know it’s not hard to get approved for AdSense, let’s move on to how it works.

AdSense Approval Process Explained (2022)

I’ve broken the entire process of getting accepted into Google AdSense into seven steps. I’ll explain everything in more detail in the next section.. But for now, let me share the process with you so you know what to expect.

The Google AdSense approval process looks like this:

1. Google checks if your site is eligible for their program.

2. Googlebot crawls your website.

3. Review your request.

4. Approve or disapprove your request within 1 to 7 days.

5. Add a shortcode above the fold of your site pages.

6. Wait a week or two for Google to approve your website..

If all goes well, you’re all set! You will start seeing live ads on your site so you can earn money.

Be sure to select your own country. If you have a registered business entity in your nation, you may also open a business account.. Once your AdSense account is created, you can’t change your country or account type.

Now that you know the entire verification process for Google AdSense, let’s move on to the next section, where I will share a step-by-step guide to getting your site approved for Google Adsense.

How to Get Approved by Google AdSense Quickly (Step by Step)

I am pretty sure that you will get approved by Google AdSense if you follow this step by step guide. But if you don’t follow Google’s policies, your request will be rejected.

1. Do this before applying for  Google AdSense
Before you apply for Google Adsense, you need to make sure your site is ready and eligible for their program.

Here are the things to keep in mind before applying for Google AdSense:

  • Create regular pages and posts with unique and relevant content.
  • Correctly add texts, images and more.
  • Allow readers to comment on your articles.
  • Include important pages like privacy policies, about pages and terms of service page.
  • Focus on alignment, readability, and functionality.
  • Increase the speed of your site.

Internet users are impatient and won’t stay on your site if it loads slowly. Improve your site’s SEO by speeding it up.

  • You can use this SEO analyzer to analyze the searchability of your site.

Of course, they are not the standards, but they will assist Google in determining if your site is of high quality or not.. Google wants to make sure that its Users are directed to useful and functional websites with legible information.

If you have a WordPress site, there are tons of great plugins you can use to speed up your website and improve the user experience. Google wants fast loading pages and a great user experience.

2. Meet the Google AdSense eligibility requirements.
As I mentioned earlier, Google has some eligibility requirements that you need to meet before applying for their program.

These are the Google Adsense eligibility requirements:

  • Be 18 years of age or older.
  • Comply with all Google AdSense terms and conditions of use.
  • Get a Gmail account that isn’t already added to an AdSense account.
  • Make sure your site is online and free of pornographic, misleading, or violent content. And it’s not based on automated traffic generated by bots.
  • You must have access to your site’s HTML source code. (If you use Blogger, you don’t need to enter any code.)

Let me break down some myths about Google AdSense now.

First and obviously, you do not need 30 posts on your website. Second, your site doesn’t have to be six months old. But it’s better if it is.

I will talk about it later in the tips section of this post. Check out the AdSense Site Approvals video series on YouTube to learn more. The next step is to join up for Google Adsense.

3. Apply for the Google AdSense program
Now that you know all about Google Adsense and its work, you are ready to apply for their program. Are? To sign up for Google AdSense, go through the following steps:

  • Visit the Google Adsense home page and click the “Get Started” button.
  • Sign in to your Gmail account now. And make sure your email address isn’t already associated with an AdSense account.
  • Enter your website URL, email address (which can be different), and all required information.
  • Choose to go to personalized support and performance tips based on your account data.
  • Select your country and make sure you live in that country or territory.
  • This gets you access to certain features in your AdSense account.
  • Start using your AdSense account now.

Did you finish with the approval? Not yet; you just applied for the AdSense program. Google will now review your site and decide if you are eligible for their program or not. Googlebot is Google’s web crawler that crawls the Internet to index websites and pages. It will visit your site to verify if it complies with the program policies.

4. Partially activate your AdSense account
You may still partly activate your AdSense account while Google reviews your site. This allows you access to certain features in your AdSense account.. However, you will not be able to use all the features as Google is still reviewing their app.

Follow these procedures to partly activate your account:

  • Sign in to your Gmail account and visit the Google Adsense home page.
  • Click the “Sign in to AdSense” button.
  • To log into your account, enter your email address and password.
  • Now, under the header menu, click the “Activate Account” button.
  • Complete all the steps on that page and click the “Continue to My Account” button.

You will now be taken to your AdSense account dashboard. You can access some features of your account, but not all of them.

If your site passes the Googlebot crawl, you will receive an email from Google stating that your website has been reviewed and approved for Google AdSense.

5. Start showing Google ads and get paid
The final step is to wait for Google to review your site and payment information. After that, you will be able to completely access your account and begin enjoying all of its features.

You can check the status of your payments and review them on the “Payments” tab, located in the header menu. Be sure to provide your full bank account mailing address and phone number.

You can also turn on auto ads so your site will start displaying ads once it’s ready. And don’t forget to paste the code between the and tags of your site.

Everything is ready. Google will begin to display advertisements on your site, and you will begin to make money. The amount you make is determined by a variety of criteria such as traffic, ad clicks, and so on.

6. Continue to comply with Google AdSense policies
If you break Google’s policies, they can allow your site today and suspend it tomorrow. That’s why it’s essential to stay up to date with your policies and make sure your website is always compliant.

Google updates its AdSense program policies quite frequently, so be sure to keep an eye out for those changes. All of the most recent AdSense program policies may be found in their support section.

7. Tips and Tricks to Get AdSense Approved Fast in 2022
Google AdSense is a popular and efficient approach to monetise your website or blog. However, getting approved by Google Adsense can be challenging, especially for newbies. And these tips and tricks will certainly help you.

a. Design your site correctly with a clear site structure.
Ensure that your website is easy to use and well-designed.

Poor navigation can lead to a high bounce rate, which Google doesn’t like.

And here’s how to structure your site correctly:

  • Properly plan your categories.
  • Have a clear navigation.
  • Do not compete with your content (do not duplicate it).
  • Delete or update the old content.
  • Improve internal and external links.
  • Make sure your website is mobile responsive.

Look, Google wants to serve its users in the best way. And if you also share the mission, you will reach your goals quickly.

b. Create Privacy Policy, Disclaimer, Terms, About and Contact pages.
These pages are important because Google will review them when considering your site. Again, not a requirement! But it’s nice to have them because these pages show that you care about users and content.

  • Use this Privacy Policy Generator tool to create your privacy page.
  • And use this Term Generator tool to create the Terms of Use page.
  • Write something about the goals of your site on the “About” page.
  • Offer your users to contact you with any questions on the ‘Contact’ page

3. Start posting high-quality content (at least 15-30 posts)

The Google Adsense program policies require sites to include high-quality content. Google will verify the content on your site to meet its quality standards before approving your site.

But what if your site barely has any content?

Your site will most likely not be approved by Google if you don’t have enough content. Make sure your site contains at least 15-30 articles before applying for Google Adsense. Again, not a hard and fast rule!

You are free to make as many posts as you wish! The more content you have, the better. Google loves fresh and original content. So keep posting new articles or posts on your site to improve your chances of getting accepted into Google Adsense.

And post content during the Google AdSense verification process too.

4. Check the ownership of your website in Google Search Console and Google Analytics.
Again, Google does not require you to verify ownership of your site in Google Search Console or Google Analytics.However, doing so is a good idea because:

  • Search Console supports you in understanding how Google observes your website.
  • And Analytics allows you to monitor website traffic and user activity.

Additionally, you can ask Google to index your site’s pages using Search Console. Google is more likely to index your pages if you have verified ownership of your site in Search Console. However, it is only advice and not a requirement.

5. Do not use copyrighted images
It’s a no-brainer, of course. Google AdSense does not allow copyrighted images on your site. So make sure that all the images you are using on your site are original or under Creative Commons.

You can find many free stock photos online that you can use on your site. For example, here is a list of websites where you can find free stock photos for your blog posts:

  • pexels
  • unsplash
  • Canvas
  • Photo from iStock
  • DepositPhotos

The great thing about Canva is that you can design original images with elements, text, and more. And You can also use photographs from the library.

6. Wait for your website to age a bit
I’m not talking about putting your site in a retirement plan. But Google Adsense works better with old websites. Why? Because an old website shows that it is there to last or has a track record to prove quality.

But how old should your website be?

It must be older than six months., then. After receiving several organic views, submit an application for the program. But again, it’s not a requirement of the Google AdSense program.

And I think it’s an opportunity for you to grow your site with consistent content posting.

The reason is that Google wants to see constant traffic to your site. Therefore, it makes sense to wait a bit before applying for Google Ads.

7. Remove all other ads from your website if applicable.
I know that Google is perfectly fine with the use of other ad networks and AdSense. But if they see a lot of ads here and there on your site, they may assume it’s spam or not compliant with the functionality policy.

So if you are using other ad networks like or Ezoic then I suggest you stop those ads before applying for Google Adsense.

You can reactivate those adverts after Google AdSense has approved your website. Still, make sure you offer your visitors more content than ads. Don’t flood them with multiple ads on your site that look spammy.

Google AdSense FAQ (2022)

Getting accepted into Google AdSense to make money from your site is not a big deal if you follow the basics! Shouldn’t you be aware of what you’re getting into? Let me now answer a few AdSense-related questions.

What is Google AdSense?
Google AdSense is a platform that enables website publishers to show Google advertisements on their sites and earn money from clicks. Participation in the program requires Google AdSense permission.

How long does it take to acquire AdSense approval?
There is no answer for that. Google does not give you any time frame for AdSense approval. It can be as fast as 24 hours and two weeks. And I think it depends on the quality of your site.

How much can you make with Google AdSense?
Publishers like you earn 68% of the total ad revenue generated from the AdSense service. Depending on the factors listed below, you can expect to earn between $0.20 and $15 per click.

On average, commissions can be $18 per 1,000 page views. The amount you make with Google AdSense is determined by a number of factors, including:

  • The niche of your site.
  • The number of page views.
  • Country or region of your site’s servers.
  • Clicks on ads by visitors to your site.
  • CPC (cost per click) of the ads. (Use this CPC table)

How does the payment in Google AdSense work?
You can choose to be paid monthly until you’ve reached the $100 AdSense threshold. AdSense pays you between the 21st and 26th of each month. You can see that your payments are in process on the ‘Transactions’ tab.

What are the main Google AdSense alternatives?
If your site could not be approved for Google AdSense, you can look for alternatives. However, please understand that each ad network has its own policies that you must follow.

Here are some of the most popular alternatives to Google AdSense used by website owners and bloggers:

  • Ezoic (My favorite because it’s beginner friendly)
  • information links
  • bid advertiser
  • PropellerAds
  • adversary
  • Chitika
  • quick links
  • monometric
  • information links
  • adsterra
  • bid advertiser
  • BuySellAds
  • AdClickMedia
  • Kontera Contextual Ads Program
  • Amazon Native Shopping Ads

And the list goes on! Or you can choose an affiliate program to earn money from commercial content on your site.

How can I get Google AdSense to work on my WordPress site?
Google AdSense does not impose any additional requirements for a WordPress site. So you just need to follow the same process as any other type of site. You must be at least 18 years old and your site must have a clear structure and unique content.

And to insert the AdSense code, you can either use a plugin or paste your code into the custom HTML widget in the Appearance of your WordPress dashboard.

How to get Google AdSense on Blogger?
Because Blogger is a Google product, you will not need to paste any code there.. You need to go to ‘Earnings’ and then create an AdSense account to start earning money from your blog.

Google AdSense – Final Word 
Google AdSense is a platform that allows website producers such as yourself to show Google advertisements on your site.. In this way, you and Google earn money from the clicks.

To participate in AdSense, your site must be approved by Google. The clearance procedure takes a few days on average, but it might take up to two weeks. All you have to do is follow the instructions in this page and Google’s rules.

The amount of money you make from AdSense depends on several factors, such as niche, page views, and CPC. I hope your site gets approved by Google AdSense and you start making money from your site!

Let me know if you have any questions about AdSense Please comment bellow; I’ll be happy to help you! 🙂


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