NFT Collection Maker 2.0 Review + Demo + Huge Bonuses

NFT Collection Maker 2.0 Review: While you may have heard of NFT gear being sold for literally millions of dollars, that’s not what we’ll be talking about here. Because getting millions of dollars in sales for a single piece of art is like winning a lottery. Let’s focus on the real deal of collectible NFT art.

NFT Collection Maker

By now, there are literally hundreds of art collections of between 3,000 and 10,000 pieces of art that have completely sold out. It is common for buyers to engage in so-called Ethereum gas wars, where buyers compete and raise gas tips to miners, thus minting newly released NFTs before other buyers can.

That hunger to buy NFTs before they run out got to the point where, for many collector releases, buyers were paying 3 times more for gasoline than they were paying for minted NFTs. Gas wars between buyers can get really crazy sometimes.

Let’s check out this NFT Collection Maker 2.0 review to find out how you can get in on that trend while it’s super hot!


NFT Collection Maker 2.0 review – Overview

Product Name: NFT Collection Maker 2.0
Creator: Andrew Darius.
Launch Date: 20 April 2022
Skill: All Levels
Niche: Software
Bonuses: Yes, Huge Bonuses
Guarantee: 30 Days Money Back Guarantee
Support: Effective Response
Recommend: Highly Recommend!
Official Website: Click Here (Discount Link)

What Is NFT Collection Maker 2.0?

NFT Collection Maker 2.0 is a platform optimized for creating, hosting, and marketing digital art collections that attract money to put thousands of dollars in your pockets.

Version 1.0 allowed the creation of images and metadata using proprietary TTC AI technology, but everything related to implementing NFTs on a blockchain like Ethereum was not in the app. The images themselves do not become NFTs until they are on the blockchain, and this is what version 2.0 does.

Version 2.0 not only creates NFT images but includes built-in customizable NFT blockchain contracts that people can deploy to Ethereum and other blockchains with a click.

After implementing a contract from the NFT Collection Maker 2.0 dashboard, users just need to copy and paste the provided code into their website to start selling NFTs right away.

In short, NFT Collection Maker allows everyone to have their own NFT collections created without any technical experience.

There is nothing like this on the market. No other product supports the entire process, from generating NFT collections, through implementing NFTs on the blockchain, to delivering done-for-you code for website NFT sales.

This is a much-needed tool and there are no others like it on the market. It is really the first app of its kind. Your creations belong to you (provided you are, or have permission from, the copyright owner of the original images) and are ready to be sold as NFTs.

This product is super easy and simple to use for artists and anyone who hires artists on Fiverr,, Upwork, etc. In short, NFT Collection Maker V2 allows everyone to have their own NFT collections created without any technical experience.


About The Creator

Andrew Darius

NFT Collection Maker 2.0 is developed by Andrew Darius.

Every time a marketer comes to Andrew, I’m sure he needs help with video marketing.

He earns people’s trust because he has earned it: Scriptdio, Storyxy, Speedlir, Doodleoze 2022, 10k NFT Collection Maker, Explaindio 2022, Leadono, MotionNFTmaker Motioney, VSLmaker, TikVideoCyborg, Videtar, etc.

Maybe this time you need it too, learn more in my NFT Collection Builder 2.0 Review.


NFT Collection Maker 2.0 Review: Key Features

Let’s find out more about NFT 2.0 collection builder:

♦ TC AI technology does all the heavy lifting
NFT Collection Builder 2.0 uses advanced TTC AI technology to not only create but also programmatically check the uniqueness of artworks, which is a must for the NFT art collection.

And because the TTC AI technology does all the heavy lifting, it’s mathematically almost impossible for him not to get collector-worthy results, even if he hasn’t done any art in his entire life.

PLUS: You’ll get all the information he needs on how to sell as much art as humanly possible.

And don’t worry, building massive crypto art collections with your NFT collection maker 2.0 software is as easy as it sounds.

Due to its proprietary TTC AI technology, anyone can create an NFT-ready crypto art collection without any prior tech or technical experience.

♦ Host the complete collection of thousands of artistic images for your NFTs completely free.
After building your collection, you need to host those images somewhere, and here again, we have good news for you.

They will show you exactly how and where you can host the entire collection of thousands of artistic images for your NFTs completely free of charge. Yes, you heard right. You will pay absolutely nothing to host those images.

♦ Ethereum’s own NFT token contract
Plus, along with access to the NFT collection maker 2.0 app, you’ll also get an Ethereum NFT token contract template.

The so-called Ethereum NFT token contract is what allows you to convert art images into NFTs on the blockchain.

The only things you would need to edit in the template are the names, description text, and price.

They’ll give you detailed instructions on where to edit them, so your custom contract will be ready to use in minutes.

♦ Detailed step-by-step video tutorials
After entering their names, description, and price, all that’s left for you to do is place your contract on the Ethereum blockchain.

To do that, simply copy/paste your edited contract text into a free, easy-to-use web app, set a few settings, click a few buttons, and officially own an NFT art collection.

They will provide a detailed step-by-step video showing all the steps from copy/paste to clicking the final deployment button.

♦ Simply copy/paste the Buy button
After your NFT art collection is generated and your NFT contract is placed on the Ethereum blockchain, your collection is ready to be sold, but you still need the ability to sell it from your website.

You need to have a web code, which allows people to not only buy your art from your web page but also instantly mint the art they bought on the blockchain right after they pay.

While creating such a code is usually a complicated step, the NFT 2.0 Collection Builder makes it as easy as it sounds.

♦ Access pass to the secret group “Alpha”
As a user of an NFT collection builder, all you need to do is copy/paste the ready-to-use code from your account onto your webpage, and you’re good to go.

Last but not least, your membership is also an access pass to the secret “Alpha” group where you can not only share your collection but also discuss with others all things NFT-related, including new trends to join and pass. unnoticed. top drops of NFT.

For more information about this product, click the button below:



How does it work?

That’s how easy it is to generate a collection of works of art with NFT Collection Maker

Step 1 – Create categories and upload base images (we’ll prompt you to get them)

Step 2: Generate a preview

Step 3: Export collection


How much does it cost?

Check out the funnel and details of each update below:

♥ Interface: NFT Collection Maker 2.0 ($)

  • + Option 1: Creator 1 ($37)
  • + Option 2: Manufacturer 2 ($47)
  • Create One/Five NFT Art Collection
  • Up to 7,000 pieces of art
  • Customize and implement the Ethereum contract
  • 60% lower gas minting fees
  • One year of full access
  • step by step training
  • Fast and friendly support
  • Sell ​​generate art as NFT
  • Bonus: Access pass to the secret group “Alpha”

♥ OTO1: NFT Collection Builder 2.0 PRO ($97)

They have an exceptional PRO upgrade for individuals who desire to get even more remarkable achievements.

I’m talking about the ability to automatically insert your image links into metadata, automatically upload both images and metadata to free file hosting, update the maximum number of artworks in the collection from 7,000 to 10,000, create 30 more collections, deploy your NFTs to Polygon and Binance Smart Chain, and an amazing PRO mint contract upgrade, allowing you to remove unsold NFTs from mint (“burn”).

  • Automate Image Upload to Free File Hosting
  • Automate the insertion of links to NFT metadata
  • Maximum collection size of 10,000 images
  • Polygon Blockchain NFT
  • Binance Smart Chain NFT
  • Updated NFT contract with recording function
  • 30 more collections
  • One year of full access

⇒ Polygon and Binance smart blockchains = More opportunities to sell
When you upgrade to PRO, you will also gain the ability to implement NFT minting contracts on the Polygon and Binance Smart Chain blockchains.

Polygon blockchain fees are negligible compared to Ethereum, moreover, NFTs minted on Polygon blockchain can also be traded on OpenSea just like Ethereum NFTs.

Minting NFT on Binace Smart Chain is also cheaper than on Ethereum, but more importantly, it gives you access to the Binance NFT market.

All of that means more opportunities to sell more and reach a larger audience.

⇒ Unlock 30 additional collections that you can create
If you have been doing NFT art for some time, you already know that many artists are creating collections of various sizes and pricing them differently.

The smaller the collection, generally the higher the price per item. Of course, the cost of making a smaller collection is also much less than a larger collection because far fewer pieces of art need to be created.

It’s relatively inexpensive to have enough base art for 500 sets. If you’re just starting out, it makes sense to create a series of small collections before going bigger.

⇒ Allow working on multiple collections at the same time
If you have enough to invest in a separate team to work on multiple collections at the same time, you may want to quickly make multiple collections of 500 and 1,000, while working on the art for those 10,000 large collections.

The important point here is that you may need the ability to create more collections than you can with the standard version.

The bottom line is that the NFT 2.0 PRO collection builder could bring you more sales than the standard version simply because you can make larger collections for practically the same price and create additional collections in a variety of sizes.

⇒ Massive instant savings, a protected discount
Because NFT Collection Maker PRO includes ongoing access to all server-intensive PRO features, the official planned price for NFT Collection Maker 2.0 PRO is a signing fee of $997 and then $497 per month.

But because you are an early adopter, they will offer you this special opportunity to get it without a monthly subscription. In addition, they will also remove the registration fee completely.

So right now you can join for as low as $997, plus $497 a month. First, they will completely waive the registration fee, and then we will remove the monthly subscription.

That means you’re getting instant massive savings and protected PRO access. So for a comparatively small investment today, you can now UPGRADE your NFT 2.0 collection builder to the PRO level.

⇒ Record unsold NFTs to start collecting royalties from secondary sales
This is why so many unsold collections burn through their remaining supply of NFTs to keep up the hype and start collecting royalties from secondary sales.

Burning of the remaining collection supply can be done in many ways.

Some of them include minting the NFT reminder and sending them to a recording address, which is very expensive given Ethereum’s gas fees.

The NFT Collection PRO contract allows you to eliminate unsold supply in the most profitable way.

⇒ Option to host images and metadata on your own server
Once that process is complete, all the artwork in your collection will not only be uploaded to IPFS via Pinata but also all metadata will contain links to art images.

In short, your NFTs would be completely ready for sale on both websites and NFT marketplaces.

The PRO upgrade also gives you the option to use your own hosting by simply adding the link to the folder containing images and metadata files.

⇒ Update max collection size to 10,000 images
While the automation of NFT Collection Maker PRO itself is beyond amazing, the PRO version also allows you to increase the size of the collection and the amount of art in the collection.

In almost all cases, if you have enough traits for a very diverse collection of 7,000 pieces of art, you don’t need to do any additional art to increase the size of a unique collection to 10,000 without sacrificing uniqueness.

It means that from the same amount of money that you would already invest in the art pieces, you can generate 30% more sales.

⇒ Automatic image upload to free file hosting
It is a decentralized peer-to-peer hypermedia protocol designed to preserve any file you upload to it.

Normally, IPFS is technically complicated, but there is a service called Pinata that makes uploading files as easy to use as Dropbox.

They have a free plan that gives you 1 GB of storage for your files.

⇒ Compatibility with OpenSea metadata
So, as you can see, there is a place where you can upload your files, but having images uploaded is not enough for them to show up as your NFTs.

Marketplaces like OpenSea also need access to NFT art metadata to display both art and art properties for rarity.

You will be very happy to know that the NFT collection maker 2.0 standard not only exports images for your collection but also exports a metadata file for each image with the feature information included as well.

⇒ Automatic insertion of links to NFT metadata
Because the NFT collection maker 2.0 standard doesn’t know the location where it will host the images, of course, you can’t add image links to the metadata.

It means that with the standard version after all the images are uploaded, you will need to copy/paste each image link into a metadata file for that image.

While it is possible to manually edit links for 10,000 metadata files, there is a better way.


⇒ Full integration with the Pinata API
The NFT collection maker 2.0 PRO update adds direct integration with the Pinata API.

Allows you to connect your Pinata account to your NFT Collection Maker account.

Once your PRO account is connected to Pinata, the app automates the entire image upload and metadata generation process with your image link already included and then uploads all those metadata files as well using your Pinata account.


♥ OTO2: NFT Collection Creator Agency 2.0 ($197)

Wait for all the NFTs in the collection to be depleted, or remove the remaining supply, which is called burning, so the collection will be deleted.

If your plan is to invest in marketing to help you sell your remaining NFTs, keeping sales open might be the right choice.

On the other hand, if you think you’re more interested in secondary sales, or if there’s a strong community push that you agree with, you might want to burn the remaining supply of an NFT collection.

You see, usually, until the collection is completely sold out, secondary sales are non-existent or very limited, plus the excitement over unsold collections could die down entirely, which could kill secondary sales for good.

This is why so many unsold collections burn through their remaining supply of NFTs to keep up the hype and start collecting royalties from secondary sales.

  • Burn without selling
  • Max Mint Number Increase
  • Unlimited Deployments
  • Unlimited maximum number of mint

⇒ The “burnt” unsold part of NFT initiates secondary sales
Burning of the remaining collection supply can be done in many ways. Some of them include minting the NFT reminder and sending them to a recording address, which is very expensive given Ethereum’s gas fees.

The NFTizer Flex contract allows you to eliminate unsold supply in the most cost-effective way.

⇒ The most profitable NFT collection supply “burn” method possible.
All you need to do to “burn” your remaining supply with an NFTizer Flex contract is reduce the maximum mintage number to the number of NFTs you’ve already sold, and you’re good to go.

It’s both super simple and the least expensive NFT collection supply burn method possible.

It even allows you to change the maximum number of mints in the collection even before starting NFT sales based on feedback from your community.

⇒ Increase the size of the collection before Mint
So if you have already implemented the NFT contract and then see that there is a lot of interest from your community, you may decide to offer a larger collection than you had originally planned.

In such a case, without the NFTizer Flex contract, you will need to redeploy the contract with the increased mint number.

Re-implementing Ethereum contracts could cost you a lot for each implementation.

It could cost you anywhere from a few hundred to a few thousand dollars to implement a contract depending mainly on the Ethereum gas fees and the price of the ETH token.

⇒ Avoid all costs of Ethereum contract redistribution.
They have literally seen the same contract implementation cost ranging from around $400 on a very slow Ethereum day, through $1,200 when there was more activity, to over $4,000 on a busy day.

They thought there had to be a better way, and thus the idea of ​​the NFTizer Flex Minting Contract was born.

With the NFTizer Flex contract, you can lower and raise the maximum mint number for already deployed Ethereum contracts with just a small nominal contract interaction gas fee.

⇒ Unlimited contract deployments and unlimited maximum number of mint
On top of that, you get both unlimited blockchain contract implementation and unlimited max mint number, so the sky is the limit on what you can do with it.

Also, since you are a founding member, you deserve a deal for being one of the first.

Now, with the standard version, they have already given you an incredible discount. So they’re going to do the same thing with the NFTizer Flex update.

⇒ Tremendous discount for founding members
NFTizer Flex is planned to be part of a very high-priced package that is being sold on webinars.

But as a NEW and FOUNDER member, I am going to upgrade your account to NFTizer Flex for a small one-time investment.

Hosting the application infrastructure, especially for unlimited contract deployments, requires computing power and bandwidth, and that’s why we need to significantly increase the price of NFTizer Flex after the early adopter special ends.

In fact, I wouldn’t be surprised if the price doubles when you come back to this page later.


♥ OTO3: NFT Collection Builder 2.0 NFT Whitelister ($47)

  • Unlimited Deployments
  • Unlimited white lists (one per contract)

⇒ Developed after receiving tons of requests.
After getting several requests, the NFT whitelisted software was created.

It is a breakthrough in NFT collection marketing and community building.

There are three main parts of the NFT sales business that must work together for the NFTs in your collection to sell.

⇒ Must-haves for the NFT collection
First, you must have images for the NFT collection.

Once you have created the images, you need to implement your collection NFT contract on the blockchain so that people can start buying your NFTs.

NFT collection maker 2.0 takes care of generating the images, deploying your NFT to the blockchain, and even providing you with JavaScript code to paste on your website so you can start selling.

⇒ Get people excited about your collection and build a community before launching the NFT offer
After taking those steps, you’re ready for sales, but there’s still something missing, and that’s prospects interested in buying your NFTs.

How will you get people excited about your collection and build a community before launching your NFT sale?

Unless you’re already an influencer with a significant following on Twitter or other social media or have already built a strong Discord community, you’ve got some work to do.

⇒ Build a large Twitter following and a good-sized Discord community
You really want to have both a large Twitter following and a good size Discord community of engaged audience before you even start sales.

The best way to build a community is to use any great viral competition app out there, there are plenty.

Any of those apps let you run contests to incentivize people to follow your social accounts, like, share, and retweet your content posts.

⇒ NFT Whitelster offers you the best price to incentivize people to promote and help you sell to the same people
Creating a contest with any of the good contest apps is very easy, but you have to offer prizes or no one will enter.

The best prize is incentivizing people to virally promote content about your NFT collection, and that in itself is part of the selling process.

⇒ Whitelisting is the most popular and powerful way to create pre-launch NTF communities.
To do this, there is no better prize than giving places on the white list to people to be able to mint the collection before the public minting and at a lower price.

The whitelist is called WL for short on crypto Twitter and you can see posts about WL all over the place.

It is the most popular and powerful way to create pre-launch NTF communities.

⇒ Take advantage of synergy for your benefit
WLs are used for giveaways by influencers who love to give their audience insider information, skip the line, and WLs that allow them to not only mint earlier but cheaper than public minting.

There are a lot of small and medium-sized NFT Twitter influencers for whom WL giveaways are one of the main engagement drivers for their own accounts.

It means that there is a deep synergy between NFT collection creators and NFT influencers. That synergy is creating a powerful marketing mix that you can exploit to your advantage.

⇒ Whitelist spots can send massive viral traffic to your NFT community and social accounts
The ability to mint earlier and cheaper is a huge motivational boost for those planning to trade their NFTs, so work hard to virally promote your NFT collection.

Sometimes there is so much interest in whitelisting that the entire collection is sold out during whitelisting, making public minting unnecessary.

The bottom line is that contests with whitelisted spots can send you massive viral traffic and, along with WL giveaways hosted by influencers, help you build your community fast and keep them red hot until your NFT collection launches.

⇒ The old whitelisting method is totally banned because of huge gas fees
Now, although whitelisting is the number one NFT collection marketing tool, it is also very technically complicated to do it in a profitable way.

You see, before Ethereum gas fees were so high, whitelisting could be done by simply sending each whitelisted wallet address to the contract.

This method today is totally prohibited because of the huge gas fees you would have to bear. Using the above method could easily cost you over $50,000 to whitelist just 2,000 addresses.

⇒ NFT Whitelister solves the problem of high fees
The NFT whitelist solves the problem of high fees with the combination of a special Ethereum contract update and a web application.

With NFT whitelisting, all it takes to connect your entire whitelist of virtually unlimited wallets to Ethereum contracts is a single regular contract interaction that pushes just one piece of data that is a root hash of a so-called ” Merkle tree.

You don’t need to know anything else about the root hash of the “Merkle tree” other than linking your Ethereum contract to a web application that provides a whitelist for minting.


♥ OTO4: flexible contract ($47)
♥ OTO5: MotionNFTmaker – money ($37)

⇒ Turn static images like regular photos or any static graphics into NFT ready mobile crypto art
In a nutshell, what MotionNFTmaker Motioney does is turn static images, like regular photos or any static graphics, into NFT-ready moving crypto art.

It seems that the more rare and bizarre the movement, the more buyer attention it can grab, but the opposite is also true.

It all depends on the taste of the buyers, which is why it is so important to have the ability to create a wide range of styles of crypto art.

⇒ Make your crypto art as weird or as artistic as you want
MotionNFTmaker Motioney can make your photos or still images as weird or weird as you want, but you can also make them as fluid and artistic as you like.

It means that you can cover the widest range of tastes of potential buyers.

⇒ CRA patented AI technology to make it easier
It’s all possible with the first to the market revolutionary patented CRA AI technology, which allows you to create moving crypto art NFTs with the simple click of a mouse.

Because MotionNFTmaker Motioney uses CRA’s patented AI technology, making those vivid, moving photos and images is as easy as it sounds.

Also, it allows each and every part to be unique, which adds to the appeal of your NFT.

⇒ Start producing NFT-ready mobile crypto art in 3 simple steps
As you can see, MotionNFTmaker Money is a powerful and easy-to-use desktop application for anyone.

Today, he is excited to launch MotionNFTmaker Motioney to the world. You can start producing NFT-ready crypto art in motion in 3 simple steps.

No restrictions on the amount of gear you can make and sell. No experience is necessary.

⇒ The Method How to Drive Traffic to Crypto Art Listing Exposed
They will also give you access to the method that shows you exactly how to drive traffic to your crypto art listing from social media to improve your results.

The crypto art market is projected to continue to grow, and when it takes off as the primary way to sell art, you could be well-positioned to automatically collect perpetual passive royalties from secondary market sales of your crypto art NFTs.

It is clear that the sooner you join the NFT market, the sooner good things will happen to you.

⇒ Massive instant savings and protected access
Now, the only question you may have is ‘how much is all this going to cost me?’

They’ll keep it basic and straightforward since they believe in rewarding early adopters.

They will give you instant access to MotionNFTmaker Motioney for a special early adopter price for a limited time.

That means if you get access today, you’ll get massive instant savings and protected access.

⇒ Commercial License Included
All you need to do to become a founding member of MotionNFTmaker Motioney is to click the button below. Your access will be generated instantly, and everything will be waiting for you inside.

Plus, if you buy today, it will include a commercial license upgrade at no additional cost.

A free business upgrade is available for a limited time only and may be removed at any time without notice.


♥ OTO6: MotionNFTmaker – Motioney Pro ($57)

Unlimited animations and video duration.

  • backward animations
  • Video Crypto Art
  • Unlimited number of animations
  • autosave
  • Over 1 million stock photos

♥ OTO7: MotionNFTmaker – Motioney Company ($67)

5 sub-users and unlock 1080p and 4k rendering.

  • Super 1080p HD and Ultra 4k HD Motion Crypto Art Render
  • Unlock Crypto Art Style Folder Feature
  • No upfront minting fee



Here are some updated links for your reference. You need to buy the Front-End (FE) first and then you can buy any OTO if you want.

If you buy OTO alone, you will receive NOTHING and it will take your time to apply for a refund. Remember that FE is a must-have package to ensure that the product operates properly.


Advantages And Disadvantages


  • World’s #1 NFT Collection Building App Powered by TTC AI
  • Generate thousands of arts for collections
  • Programmatically verified artwork uniqueness
  • Cloud application: nothing to install
  • As easy as it gets to use
  • Includes FREE software updates
  • 30 days money-back guarantee



  • So far, I haven’t come across any disadvantages.


Why should you choose it?

Finding the best NFT digital art software doesn’t have to be a chore. While there’s a huge selection of compelling apps available for every budget, ultimately only a small number of them are really worth your attention, and we’ve already identified the best options to save you a ton of searching.

When you’re looking for the best digital art software, you need to decide if you need a full-featured art workhorse that can handle just about anything you’re interested in, or a more niche app that reflects your particular style.

Naturally, you may end up paying a lot more for the former, but with a more specialized package, If you feel the desire to extend your creative wings, you may find yourself a little constrained in the end.

With NFT Collection Maker 2.0, you will be able to create an unlimited number of stunning, unique, and professional NFT arts in minutes. There are over 7,000 unique NFT pieces and NFT art design elements that you can easily edit and customize to create the perfect NFT art character for your needs.

NFT Collection Maker 2.0 has been one of the best digital art software available to the artist community since 2020 and it has come a long way. The software has an incredibly intuitive and customizable interface that is ideal for experts and amateurs alike.

No expensive software, graphics designers, cloud-based apps, or graphics design skills are needed! NFT Collection Maker 2.0 gives you the tools to build excitement for your release. Create a campaign, add traits and attributes, then set your launch date. Focus on promoting your next NFT release, not trying to figure out how to code a smart contract.

With just a few clicks, you’ll be able to produce your own custom NFT arts… This means you may quickly use or sell them online without having to learn how to make NFT artworks from start!

The NFT Collection Maker 2.0 Kit comes with everything you need to create fun, awesome, and unique NFT arts. IT REALLY IS as simple and EASY as buying this made-for-you NFT art kit… Choose a template, change features like expressions, skin tones, hair color, etc., then save a high-quality NFT art image file. quality and that’s it. – You have your own new NFT art ready to go!


You can use the ready-made image files that come with the package if you prefer not to customize anything and just need some NFT art to drag and drop into your favorite projects. NFT Collection Maker 2.0 will help you look like a total master of your own craft, no matter what your niche is!

Let’s see the enormous benefits that arise:
  • No code: No coding is required. Configure the parameters of the AI ​​algorithm with a few clicks.
  • Multi-Device: Create, view, and manage your artwork from your desktop, laptop, tablet, or smartphone.
  • Mass Creation – Create hundreds of AI-generated works of art in minutes with “mass creation” mode.
  • Unique Creation Tools – Mix and match various styles to create something truly individual and spectacular.
  • Tools for advanced users: duplicate and modify your creations, reuse any input or image style, and receive notifications when creations are ready.

NFT Collection Maker 2.0 is a great value digital art tool that is easy to use and capable of impressive results. With a decent selection of brushes, complete with customization options, it’s perfect for creating eye-catching artwork, and it also supports post-stroke correction, which can be very useful when you’re drawing lines.

The interface is easy to navigate and designed exactly as you’d expect (and the default color scheme is fantastic). However, if you’re not a fan, it’s fully customizable.


Frequent questions

Q: Do I need to download and install NFT Collection Maker on my computer?

A: No, NFT Collection Maker is a cloud software, so you don’t need to install anything on your computer.

Q: How much do upgrades cost?

A: For the length of the license, they include all updates to version 1. x for FREE.

Q: Do you provide video tutorials?

A: Yes, they have created a complete set of video tutorials.

Q: How do I get support?

A: Easy! Just visit us at

Q: Do you have a money-back guarantee?

A: Yes, they have a 30-day no questions asked money-back guarantee. Just send them a note and they’ll refund your purchase in full.

Q: Is there a Twitter account that I can follow to learn more about NFT and the Crypto space?

A: Of course. To follow Andrew Darius on Twitter, CLICK HERE.



That’s all I want to share with you about NFT Collection Maker 2.0. I hope my review can help you decide what is best for you.

Thank you for following my review and I wish you all the best. Goodbye.

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