Super Affiliate System Review – Is John Crestani Course Legit?

The affiliate marketing industry has been growing day by day. Actually, reports anticipate that its size can have doubled by 2025. The out there statistics conjointly show that over a hundred and seventy million transactions disbursed within the year 2017 were through affiliate promoting. that ought to tell you it’s the correct time to speculate on affiliate promoting. don’t be wary Super Affiliate System revel it all step by step.

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Unfortunately, online scams and get-rich-quick schemes drive off potential investors. nobody would need to sacrifice his/her career and eventually lose his entire investment. So, before investing in any affiliate program, you ought to value it.

To help you achieve affiliate promotion and avoid losing your hard-earned cash, John Crestani created the Super Affiliate System. The Super Affiliate System is among the favored affiliate promoting courses you’ll bump into. we’ve ready this Super Affiliate System Review to inform you whether or not this course works and whether or not it’s price shopping for.

What is Super Affiliate System?

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The Super Affiliate System formerly referred to as the net Jetset System, This course was established by John Crestani for affiliate marketers. The video-based course can teach you ways to form a profitable affiliate promoting business and earn an honest monthly financial gain. per John Crestani, the strategy could assist you to earn over $2500 per week or a lot.

The video-based coaching is especially centered on developing paid ad ways and funnels. In distinction, many different affiliate-marketing programs educate users on the way to produce specialized sites. within the year 2015, John Crestani offered the system to the market at an awfully costly value. the value has born dramatically in recent years, therefore you do not ought to break the bank to induce it.

Who is it for?

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There is this common question that everyone has, who can sign up for this system? Or who is it made for? In my opinion, Super Affiliate System works wonderfully for those who have never earned a single dollar online. This amazing training package gives you complete confidence to jump into this world of online affiliate marketing.

However, if someone earns a few dollars a day or a week, this system has a lot to teach people like them. Help these types of people significantly improve their game.

This Super Affiliate System is quite “newbie friendly”, and John Crestani is an amazing teacher and makes sure that all the steps in him are easy to follow, no matter if you are 18 or 80!

About John Crestani

John Crestani is a Digital Growth Marketer that assists several businesses in expanding their reach and selling more items. That’s only the beginning; he’s also a columnist, a startup entrepreneur, and a Youtuber. At the time of writing, he had approximately 500k subscribers on his YouTube account.John Crestani

Interestingly, John was sacked from his job in 2009, after which he began affiliate marketing and created a $500k-a-month business. However, if we go a little deeper into his past, we can see that he began as an online sponsored ad specialist. Initially, he was performing paid web marketing for a few firms.

In summary, he is an expert in his area, and he has a lot to teach you about affiliate marketing as a result. And since so many people were interested in what he was doing, he created a comprehensive training program that explained everything he knew/used/tried.

How the super affiliate system works

The Super Affiliate System was divided into six chapters by John Crestani. The first part teaches you how to configure your ads and affiliate links to make the first commissions. Still in this part, it teaches you how to select the best affiliate networks and apply them.

Crestani tells you how to choose a topic that will work wonderfully for you in the second section. He also reveals high commission networks to help you makeover 50 percent more than the other affiliates. In part three, he will learn many advanced marketing skills, including copywriting and conducting effective pre-sales. You’ll get all the skills you need to make all of your affiliate marketing campaigns more profitable.


In part four, John Crestani will teach you how to make more money with Google and Facebook Ads. According to the affiliate marketer, these two are the most powerful social marketing networks. In part five, you’ll learn how to use YouTube ads. Lastly, he will explore survey funnels in part six.

In addition to core training, Crestani offers over 50 hours of systematic information video content. You’ll get various bonuses, including made-for-you assets like ad setups, sliders, and landing pages. Case studies, SAS trainers, and monthly training calls are just a few examples.


Content of the super affiliate system

The Super Affiliate System is among the extensive online courses offered on the market. Contains over 50 hours of content, requiring over 6 weeks to complete. The program offers video tutorials and lectures, which Crestani combines with quizzes and assignments to make retention easier.

The affiliate marketing course is available in six languages, including English, French, Spanish, German, and Portuguese. In general, the things that you will master in six weeks are Google Ads, Facebook Ads, YouTube Ads, and Native Ads. John Crestani provides easier-to-follow templates that will teach you how to attract more audiences as well as create ads and landing pages for his promotions.

– Introduction
This is the welcome module. This section will provide you with an overview of the Super Affiliate System course. Also, it will introduce you to the world of affiliate marketing and the benefits of investing in this type of marketing.
You’ll get the details you need to access the dashboard, badges, and secrets you need to be successful in affiliate marketing.

Additionally, John Crestani will introduce you to the Super Affiliate System community and help you navigate the membership website.

– Week 1: System configuration
In system setup week, John will give you the benefits of goal setting in affiliate marketing. He will also explain the benefits of building an affiliate marketing website.

Affiliate marketing requires the use of a domain name and website hosting. Therefore, he must know how to set up your domain and website hosting. John will help you create his pre-sales web page, known as pre-built funnels. You can use the manual method or Clickfunnels to do it. In addition, he will learn the process of setting up your Facebook ads, creating campaigns, and choosing affiliate campaigns that can make money.


– Week 2: Constructing Google advertisements and campaigns
Google Ad is among the paid ad sources that you should understand and use if your goal is to make more money through affiliate marketing. With Google Ads, your ads will appear on users’ screens every time they enter your target keywords into the Google search engine. In Week 2, Crestani will give you all the skills he needs to get all of his ads on the first page of Google. He’ll also get the tips he needs to target the right devices, locations, and audiences.

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– Week 3: Excellent YouTube Ad Setup
John Crestani worked hard to ensure that this course is understandable for beginner and intermediate affiliate marketers. John Crestani shows students how to set up YouTube advertising in Week 3. Also, he will learn how to set up your YouTube channel for affiliate marketing.

– Week 4: Advanced Advertising Tactics
This is a complete module. John Crestani will introduce you to the advanced advertising tactics he needs to make money online. Affiliate Marketer also highlights the most common mistakes affiliate marketers make when making their ads. Crestani teaches ad fulfillment at this stage and how to gain the trust of your audience. In addition, he will introduce you to keyword usage, headlines, copywriting, and landing page creation.

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– Week 5: Presell and Scaling Pages
This module focuses on scaling your affiliate marketing through reseller pages. John Crestani will teach you how to set up your presale page using the manual method and Clickfunnels. As an affiliate marketer, you need to understand split testing, presale pages, scaling basics, payout increases, and many other strategies. John Crestani also provides the templates he needs to create presale pages.

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– Week 6: – Week 6: Choosing the Best Products for Affiliate Marketing
You need to select the right products if your goal is to make more money through affiliate marketing. Crestani offers you evergreen markets and niches. Plus, you’ll learn how to find the best Clickbank deals and how to navigate other affiliate marketing networks.


– Super Affiliate System Membership, Resources, and Support

The Super Affiliate System program gives students more tools and resources to help them succeed in affiliate marketing. The main materials to expect in this course include:

  •  Affiliate marketing step by step
  • Join an affiliate network
  •  Choose your niche
  •  Find ClickBank deals
  •  Find offers on other affiliate networks
  •  Common mistakes we make when choosing an offer
  •  Solo ad settings
  •  Udimi solo ads, other offers
  •  Other Solo Ad Providers
  •  Bryan Biscoe: Why take advantage of solo ads?
  •  Bryan Biscoe – Researching and Selecting a Solo Ad Vendor
  •  Bryan Biscoe – Tracking and Testing Your Individual Ad Campaigns
  •  Common configuration errors
  •  Tracking, Testing, and Advanced Strategies
  •  Basic Affiliate Marketing Summaries.

Week – 1

week 1

super affiliate system

week 2

super affiliate system

week 4

super affiliate system

super affiliate system

After completing the Super Affiliate System course, John Crestani will provide him with the support he needs to be successful. You will have answers to all your questions related to Super Affiliate System. In addition, you will have access to the community groups of the Super Affiliate System, such as the private Facebook group.


Super Affiliate System Pros & Cons


– John Crestani adopted a teaching method that is suitable for beginners in paid advertising

– You do not have to use your email address during registration

– The traffic skills that the author teaches will be more useful in your future marketing

– You will get weekly live webinars

– Over 50 hours of video content

– Improved access to customer service and chat.


– For some people, price is a problem.

– Some of the claims are unrealistic

– You will get many affiliate links within the system

Super Affiliate System Price

The Super Affiliate System course costs $997. John Crestani also offers a triple payment option of $397, which will set you back $1191. You don’t have to worry about losing your money because the program comes with a 30-day money-back guarantee. We’ll refund your money if you don’t see any results within a month.

One of the most exciting parts of this program is that you can get your money back if you are successful in affiliate marketing. John Crestani promises to refund his $997 if he earns $10,000 after completing the course. He will ask you to complete various tasks to get the money. In addition, he will have many bonuses, such as Swipe files, monthly training calls, pre-built sales pages, and free ad credits.

Who should go for this program?
If you want to work as an affiliate marketer or earn some extra money through affiliate marketing, this course is for you. The Super Affiliate system offers a lot of information you need to start earning money in no time.

However, if you are among the many people who are in the habit of investing a lot of money in various courses and not completing them, this program is not a good option. It is not designed for people looking to make millions of money overnight.

Does the super affiliate system work?
Super Affiliate System provides the skills you need to start your affiliate marketing systems. However, the system requires a lot of work and dedication. You must complete the six-week program and use the strategies and tools listed in it.

One of the first things you will notice when you open the Super Affiliate website is the numerous testimonials and reviews from people who have profited from this service. Please note that Super Affiliate System is not a get-rich-quick scheme. It requires time, dedication, and manual work.

Super Affiliate System Bonuses by John Crestani

  1. Lifetime access to the Super Affiliate System PRO: worth $4,985.00
  2. Million Dollar Slider File: Copy and Paste Ads! – Worth $2,997.00
  3. Click and Copy, Pre-Sold Pages Made For You – $1,247.00 Value
  4. ​The Best Products + Guaranteed Acceptance – Valued at $1,497.00
  5. ​24/7 VIP Concierge & 4 Monthly Advice Calls – $2,497.00 Value
  6. No risk, guaranteed success (get your money back!) – NO PRICE
  7. BONUS #1: When you are successful, your participation is FREE; has a value of $1997.00
  8. BONUS #2: Free Traffic – Costs $0 to Start – Worth $647.00
  9. BONUS #3: $1,245 in Ad Credits Completely FREE – Valued at $1,245.00
  10. ​BONUS #4: Buyer Data for AI Ad – Valued at $1,997.00
  11. ​BONUS #5: Earn High Ticket Commissions – $1,950.00 worth
  12. ​BONUS #6: Case Studies from $0 to $50,000 – Value of $747.00
  13. ​BONUS #7: Additional Spouse/Business Partner Login – Worth $997.00
  14. ​BONUS #8: 1 on-1 Call with John Crestani – worth $5,000.00

                             TOTAL VALUE: $27,803.00+

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Super Affiliate System Review: Conclusion

If you are new to affiliate marketing, the Super Affiliate System is an excellent place to begin.. With over 50 hours of quality video content, you’ll get the information you need to start your journey. The most valuable part of the system is the weekly webinar, which gives students the opportunity to discuss their progress. Although the price is not one of the things you would laugh at, John claims that you will earn 10 times the amount within a month.



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